Q. My BLI locomotive was running fine. It suddenly stopped. Sounds still work but it will not move. Can you fix this?
A. Yes. The problem is likely electrical.
Q. The lights on my BLI no longer function. Can you repair this?
A. Yes, unless it is a grain-of-wheat bulb
Q. My shell (cab) is damaged. Can you replace it with a new one?
A. No. We repair electrical issues.
Q. The wheel linkage is damaged on my steam engine. Can you replace the linkage?
A. No. We repair electrical issues,
Q. Some of the wires are melted in my BLI tender, can you repair this?
A. Yes. Wires and the fault that caused the wires to melt can be repaired.
Q. Can you repair the sound unit on my non-BLI locomotive?
A. At this time, we only repair BLI locomotives.
Q. The sounds have stopped working on my BLI locomotive. It still runs fine though, can you repair this problem?
A. Yes

About Us

We are the only authorized repair center for out of warranty BLI trains, and we are authorized to perform extra services, such as upgrading BlueLine to Paragon 4.

Authorized by Broadway Limited Imports