The BlueLine, Paragon2, Paragon 3, and Paragon 4 sound unit / decoder is a high quality and robust product. Occasionally, the product fails. The failure may be a short that caused the failure or a failed semi-conductor on the circuit board. The repair of your Paragon 3 sound unit returns your locomotive to the factory state you received it in. The software is also updated to the current revision.

Due to Paragon, BlueLine, and Paragon 2 decoders being out of production, we are unable to replace those decoders with like for like models. We would have to replace them with a Paragon 3 decoder in the form of an upgrade.

Please note that the charge for these repairs is for a locomotive that has not been disassembled by an unauthorized person. Additional fees may be incurred for self-inflicted locomotive damages. These additional charges must be authorized by the customer or TSD may return the damaged locomotive as it was received.

About Us

We are the only authorized repair center for out of warranty BLI trains, and we are authorized to perform extra services, such as upgrading BlueLine to Paragon 4.

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