We are proud to offer upgrades to Paragon 3. Paragon 3 upgrades are available for any older HO Scale BLI engine as long as it has been produced in Paragon 3 at least once. If the engine has not been produced in Paragon 3, then we can still perform the upgrade, however sounds from a different engine will need to be used. Due to compatibility issues, the cab light, if equiped, will be set to a function key to be turned on and off as it will work backwards if not. Please be aware that when we perform the upgrade, we have to leave the smoke unit disconncted on Paragon and BlueLine series engines. Paragon 2 to Paragon 3 will keep smoke untit functionality.

About Us

We are the only authorized repair center for out of warranty BLI trains, and we are authorized to perform extra services, such as upgrading BlueLine to Paragon 2.

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