6-10-2019: We now have a limited supply of Paragon 3 decoders for repairs/upgrades.

Below is the list and price of all of our services. If sending in multiple trains, and requesting different services for each engine, then to prevent delays, please attach a typed note to each seperate engine, specifying what work each engine should recieve. Priority Service is on a per engine basis.

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All services includes a software update to the latest version of your engine.


NOTE: Paragon 3 now supports Paragon 2 smoke units. Any Paragon 2 engine sent in for a Paragon 3 will keep the smoke unit functionality with the exception that the cab light will be tied to a function key for manual control. Any other engine (Paragon, or BlueLine) with smoke, smoke will be disconnected for the upgrade as it is not compatible and the engine sent back with no smoke. At this time, we are only able to upgrade HO scale engines. We can repair Paragon 2 / Paragon 3 N-Scale engines but we cannot upgrade them. We cannot upgrade the Paragon 2 AC6000 with smoke to Paragon 3.



Paragon 2 to Paragon 3 Upgrade (Read note above) $159.00
BlueLine to Paragon 3 Upgrade (Read note above) $169.00
Paragon to Paragon 3 Upgrade (Read note above) $179.00

Repairs / Others

Paragon 3 Decoder Repair/Replacement $99.00
Repair Locomotive Electrical Problems $119.00
Paragon 3 / Paragon 2 / BlueLine Software Update            $75.00
Priority Service (per locomotive basis) $25.00
* Priority service guarentees that your locomotive will be shipped back to you from our facility within 2 business days, instead of the standard 5-7 business days.    

About Us

We are the only authorized repair center for out of warranty BLI trains, and we are authorized to perform extra services, such as upgrading BlueLine to Paragon 3.

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